Surgical Instrument Power Equipment Repairs

Endoscopes and power instruments

We strive to provide our customers with exceptional endoscopic maintenance and Surgical Instrument Power Equipment Repairs and help them keep endoscopic instruments in the best condition for their optimal performance. Pro-Med specialists do scope repair that make instruments serve longer and lower the risk of sire infections. We service rigid and flexible endoscopes, printers and processors, Phaco hand pieces and electric and pneumatic hand pieces, light sources, CryoProbes, cameras and couplers, fiber optic cables and other instruments and supplies. Our team has all the needed tools to work with scope and power instruments in our lab. They will treat each endoscope and endoscopic camera with high professionalism and expert precision. Pro-Med Onsite works with all kinds of endoscopy equipment. We will inspect and quote your endoscopes and power instruments repair job in a timely fashion. Our company offers high quality surgical instrument power equipment repairs of all makes and models of rigid and flexible endoscopes at competitive rates. We also provide warranty on all flexible scope repairs and most of biopsy channel replacements. Pro-Med Onsite deals with pneumatic equipment from all major manufacturers.

We service drill and saw hand pieces and the supporting equipment such as wire driver attachments, foot pedals, air hoses, bur guards, saw and drill attachments, regulators and power chords. We can also help our customers with cordless hand piece batteries, dermatomes and other equipment.

The average time for power instruments repair is 5 to 7 days. After the work is done, a detailed service report is provided to the customer.

Getting endoscopic maintenance and repair services from Pro-Med Onsite, you can count on our professionalism and great experience, prompt and high quality of our work and the best results for reasonable prices. It is always our goal to provide medical repair services that will meet the highest expectations of our clients.