Professional staff, prompt service and excellent experience ! Will recommend this company to hospitals and surgical/GI centers !

Narineh Marsakhian, Glendale, CA

What a great company I got to work for! I got to see the top notch customer service they provide firsthand. Great and knowledgeable boss along with a cooperative team! Definitely recommend Pro-Med Onsite for anyone looking to have their equipment serviced as well as someone looking for a job.

Eric Babakhanian, Glendale, CA

My experience with Pro-Med has been the best so far with on-site companies. They were very precise with their quotes and always delivered during the time frames they promised. Scopes and repairs they did it all for me. I recommend anyone looking for surgical instrument repairs to call Pro-Med.

Gevo Gukasyan, Glendale, CA

Fast and reliable service. Really enjoyed working with Pro Med Onsite.

Christian Hurtz, Glendale, CA

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