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Pro-Med Onsite is your surgical equipment repair solution partner in ensuring the workflow of patient care in your medical organization goes uninterrupted. We provide trustworthy and cost-effective surgical equipment repair and maintenance services. Our company is focused on physicians’ satisfaction in surgical instruments functionality and extensive repair capabilities that we offer.


Services we offer

Pro-Med Onsite will make sure you get prompt repair for your surgical instruments and that your medical equipment will properly serve you as long as possible. We can repair a great amount of items in a short period of time and fix even badly damaged surgical instruments. Our professional team guarantees the high quality of our work.

Our on-site mobile instrument repair labs are fully equipped to provide all kinds of surgical equipment repair on location. Our specialists can repair the majority (about 90%) of surgical instruments on-site that it usually takes 1 to 3 days of work. Although, as we give each repair individual attention, the time surgical instrument repair takes depends on the type of the instrument and the work required.

We always have highly trained technicians on board. Many of them have over a decade of experience providing medical instruments repair. They have a great knowledge of all types of surgical instruments and perform all the proper techniques. We often deal even with repairs of the equipment our competitors have stated to be non-repairable and obsolete. But if we as well find the instrument or the equipment non-repairable, we will ship it back at no charge and may help with a quote for a replacement.

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Our team of surgical instrument repair specialists is committed to assisting your facility in maintaining equipment functionality to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and patient safety.