Preventive Maintenance

Full-service preventive maintenance
for healthcare facilities

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Our team of surgical instrument repair specialists is committed to assisting your facility in maintaining equipment functionality to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and patient safety.

Why It Matters

At Pro-Med Onsite we know how it is important for our clients to keep the quality and durability of surgical instrument on the highest level. That is why we also offer surgical instrument preventive maintenance services that help extending the life span of all kinds of surgical instruments. Our preventive maintenance program not only helps medical instruments and equipment serve longer, but also save on the future instruments repair. More than that, as the regulations on hospitals are rather strict, it also helps our clients demonstrate pro-active approach and care for safety. At Pro-Med Onsite we believe that preventive maintenance is essential for medical equipment and instruments because it affects the work in your healthcare facility and plays a vital role in its everyday routine. Poorly maintained instruments and equipment is not safe for staff and patients. To avoid disruptions in the workflow and any undesirable situations, a reliable preventive maintenance program is needed. If you keep maintenance regular, it will prevent many problems from occurring, because without these measures medical equipment will serve a lot shorter than designed. Moreover, preventive procedures take less time than instrument repair.

preventive maintenance

Our Services

Our team will assist you with protecting your financial investments you put in your medical equipment and instruments with our maintenance services. Pro-Med Onsite preventive maintenance program will help you get the maximum of your medical instruments capacity and avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs. Our team will keep your equipment maintained at the highest standards, eliminating the chance of injury from poorly maintained equipment for your patients and staff. Let Pro-Med Onsite help your medical facility with our preventive maintenance program so you could get the most of your medical equipment, save on repairs and provide better care for your patients. We are proud to always be there for our customers offering our full dedication and professionalism.